Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taco Time!

A few months ago, I saw this interesting contraption going around on my sister and brother-in law's facebook page. I had no idea what it was, so the next time I saw her I asked her what it was. That is when she introduced me to my newest favorite kitchen product, Tupperware move over, ha!

Here they are on their first new years together!

The Taco Press! Here is it in its full glory, made just for me by my brother-in-law who has real skills!

We made our first homemade taco's last night, and they were delicious! I mean so very melt in your mouth good. Andrew scarfed his down, and Matt definitely approved too!

My original thought in making these myself was, we could make them inexpensively compared to the organic ones we buy now, but when I put them in my mouth, all I could think was how delicious they were.

So here is how I made them.

2 cups flour ~ I prefer half a whole wheat and half white flour mix
4 Tablespoons butter
1/3-1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon salt

I combined the flour in a bowl then cut in the cold butter, think pie dough making here. I used my Quick Chef Pro chopper but you could use two butter knives. It blended perfectly. Then I added water slowly until the dough is a little thinner and tackier than pie dough.

Placing a lump of dough the size of two tablespoons inside gallon size baggie (that had one seam cut open I put it in the taco press, press down as hard as you can and whalaa a nice thin taco.

I pan fried them with a little vegetable oil for less than 30 seconds on each side. They were crisp on the outside, and just a bit soft on the inside. We served the usual insides of meat, vegetables, and fixin's, it was a great meal. It was healthy, frugal, and delicious!

Warning Frugal Nerd Alert!

Because I am a bit of a frugal nerd here is how my cost comparison broke down for the taco's

Organic soft tacos: $2.79 for a 10 count package = .27 per taco
Homemade soft tacos: $.70 for 12 tacos = .06 per taco

Ok so that doesn't look like much savings right? Well saving cents makes cents! Actually I have another post about changing behaviors to save cents that add up quickly to many dollars coming soon.

Thinking about it we eat lots of tacos in this house. So lets just say we eat...

10 tacos per week x 53 weeks a year = 147.87 is what we would spend on store bought tacos and my homemade tacos that would cost us 31.80, which saves us 116.07 a year. Yep I am a nerd but the cents do really add up!

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{Originally published on The Whimsical Housewife blog on April 30th, 2011}


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