Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a few alms.

Alms, alms for the poor....
Ok, so we aren't really poor.  We're just trying to do what we can for all the moms out there, with no money.

The May is for Mother's annual appeal has been extended to June 3rd 11:59 EST. This means there's still time for you to donate to a great cause.  If you've enjoyed any of the blog posts, come to an event, or just felt a sense of connection from The Mommies Network then now is the time to say "thank you" by making a donation.  Usually our fundraisers offer you something tangible in return; gear, dinner, photos, open gyms, etc.  This is the only time this year we're going to ask you for money with nothing like that in return.  We're asking you to show that you appreciate all that The Mommies Network does for you.  As a non-profit all of the sites rely on their membership for these small donations so they can continue to bring you fun events, support and a place to chat.  

If every member gave just $1, that's it, just one dollar, then The Mommies Network could continue to do what we do. So please, take just a moment, click here and donate to say "thank you".


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