Sunday, February 20, 2011

Member blog: Pick up the Phone

Posted with permission from a member's blog.
Terror at 3 feet & rising: Pick up the Phone: First off: sorry for the delay in updating.  Between recovering from my surgery ("I got better!"), hunting for a new place to live (#$&^@% bad housing market and overpriced rentals!), trying to be the Promotions Manager for my local mommies group (I feel like an overworked Stage Manager who was just told they're also the Producer but have no money), and taking care of house and family I'm swamped!

But I wanted to tell everyone about a really important event coming up.  Pick Up the Phone is an awareness event by the 1-800-Suicide/Hope Line organization.  It works to raise awareness about Postpartum Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder and Depression.  These issues are very near and dear to me.  I struggled with both BPD and depression for many years.  I also have had bouts of PPD.  My mom also had issues with depression and BPD.  I will not deny that at many times I felt at that edge of suicide.  Thankfully I had people I could turn to or ways to keep going. But many people do not.  People still see these as things to be ashamed of, to not talk about.  Honestly- that is why suicide keeps happening.  If people were able to TALK about what was going on.  If they felt they could turn to people close to them and get the support they need then the rate of suicide would drop.  I wish there wasn't a need for hotlines to help people come down from that ledge.  But there is, because people don't always feel they can turn to their families, their friends.

So, this Friday, February 25th Pick Up the Phone 2011 tour kicks off in DC.  I will be there to speak for 5 minutes before the show about The Mommies Network, a national organization with local chapters that helps and supports all moms through all aspects of life.  Each chapter has their own PPD forums where women can talk about and get support with their PPD, depression, etc.  If you want to find a chapter near you please check here.  I'm sure I'll even talk about my own struggles.

For more information about the tour please check here.

And remember- depression, bi-polar, any thoughts of suicide are not things to be ashamed of.  If you, or someone you know is struggling, please get help.  Give a caring ear or even just be present for them.

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