Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fairy dolls and houses

As we enter June we welcome summer on the shortest night and longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice.  This year it is on June 21st. This has always been an exciting time for me as a child, as school lets out and summer camp, lawn sprinklers, pool parties and beach trips begin. We celebrate the seasons in our household, and for summer that means leaving treats for the fairies, playing in nature, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and celebrating the sun.
We also love to do nature arts and crafts. One of the crafts I did as a child was making fairy houses and dolls from pine cones.

leaves, pine cones, bark, acorns, twigs, flowers and other items found outside

Start with a pine cone or twig. Take another small twig and cross the first one to make arms. Twist your string in an X pattern to hold on the “arms.” 

Next find a flower to put on the “head.” Attach with glue or tape. Use a leaf to make a dress or other clothes for your doll. You can use grass to make hair, seeds to make eyes, etc. The possibilities are endless!

For the fairy houses, which you can also use for your pinecone dolls, it helps to start with a large piece of bark. Lean two pieces together like a teepee, or make a box with 3 or 4 sides. Glue on sticks for windows and make shades with petals or leaves. Larger leaves make a great roof! Have fun designing and decorating with your child, and remember to leave a little treat inside for the fairies!


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