Saturday, June 11, 2011

Printed vs digital photos

   In this ever electronic world where every device we own is hooked up, plugged in, or linked to something else. I often wonder what to do about photos. It used to be you took a bunch of pictures, got the film processed and then saw what, if anything, turned out. Often you’d get funny stories about people always having their eyes closed, that crazed look on Grandma’s face or how a child chose that moment to pick their nose. Now with digital we know just how it turns out. We take a picture and can instantly see how it looks. We can decide if the pose or lighting was wrong. So then we can delete it and take another. I often feel we lose the stories behind the pictures other than “it took FOREVER to get the right shot”. Then there’s the dilemma of what to do now that you’ve taken the picture. Do you simply put it on your computer? Burn a disc? Maybe you print a few favorites? Or are you a creative type that takes the time and patience to create an on-line scrapbook or order a printed story book?

I love the feel of a printed image in my hand. I like being able to study each part of it and experience it on a different level than you do on a screen. I often think it’s more intimate when printed. I admit I’ve taken so many digital pictures and printed none of them! Why? To quote a favorite movie, “I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens.”- Ever After. That, and I admit, I have so little time. I’m too busy taking the pictures, experiencing the moments with my children. Although I’m sure one day, when my kids are more independent and self-reliant I will sit down and sort through the discs I have burned and the back-ups I have made and chose those favorite moments that took forever to capture and have them printed. Maybe I’ll find a treasure or two that tells a funny story about the time the cat walked in front of the camera, a child lunged to get away, or someone sneezed at just the wrong moment. I’ll be sure to print those too. 


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