Thursday, June 23, 2011

Don't be a wall flower!

As the winter months wore on we noticed our daughter's barking cough had come back while she was sleeping. We took her to the Pediatrician and were told it might be something viral but nothing bacterial, so just symptoms of a cold. To give her Tylenol if needed and use her humidifier. We agreed it was winter, cold season and that was all it was. We made sure the humidfier was running in her room for a bit before naps and bedtime and thought nothing more past that. February came and she came down with strep. We placed her on the medication and noticed the cough was a bit better but still there. We then decided to see how things went as the warmer months came along. Of course here in Maryland we don't have much of a spring anymore. When we did get a nice day, no rain, with a nice breeze we opened up her bedroom windows to let everything air out. We made sure there was minimal dust in her room. The cough still lingered on.

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At this point we decided to consult with a allergist. At that appointment we were informed to go see an Ear Nose and Throat Specialist (ENT). So here we are in June and finally getting the results we have been longing for. We have learned that the coughing might be a result of enlarged adenoids and that her ears are full of "uninfected" (for the moment) fluid. We had her hearing tested and yes, that has been compromised. Will she need speech therapy? Too early to tell! At this point we just need to pull the results of her neck soft tissue x-ray (to get a better look at her adenoids) and what the audiologist obtained from her visit with our daughter and decide the next step. Of course, what will that next step be? Again, a bit too early to tell.
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I shared all my stresses about all the findings with a good friend from college, who happens to be an audiologist. What was her response? "Thank you for not being a wall flower!" I asked what she meant by that and she said that far too often parents take the advice from their Pediatricians and go with it. She said I didn't do that.  That I knew, as my daughter's mother, that there was something more there.  I decided to come off the wall and be persistent and find the results. She said that Pediatricians are great at what they do, and to not get her wrong, but that sometimes parents do know best. She admitted that specialists can be wrong, but that they have fine tuned their science and therefore might have more to bring to the table. That the table needs to be full of all the findings. What the Pediatrician sees, what the specialist sees, and what the tests have proven.

So, my advice! Go with your gut! If you know something is wrong, don't be a wall flower (as my friend would say). Come off that wall, swallow your fears and find out what is wrong with your child. If I dared to stay on the wall my poor daughter would suffer the disadvantage. She might need speech therapy in the future to correct how she has been hearing things.  Should she have to hear for the rest of her life like she is underwater? NO. She deserves the world! By coming off the wall and facing my fear of what might be to make her better, I'm giving her that world!


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