Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time's running out!

We need your help!  Did you know that it costs over $500 a year to keep NorthMetroDCMommies running?  We provide a free service and free events to our members.  We ask just this one time a year for a donation to help keep us going.  Even $1 can make a difference.  Not a mom or in our area?  You can still help!  Think of your own mom (everyone has one!), sister, wife, etc.  I bet that if you asked them if they felt they needed support as a mom you'd get a resounding "YES!".  You have a way to help ALL moms out and help them get the support, friendship and advice they need.  All you have to do is click on that lovely banner at the top.  See it?  The one that says "May is for Mothers"?  Yup- just give it a click and donate!  But time's running out, the fundraiser ends May 31st.  Don't procrastinate- it takes mere seconds to do and it's safe and secure!

Your mother thanks you!


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