Monday, May 9, 2011

Adventures in soap making

*reposted with permission from The Whimsical Housewife Elizabeth

HomeMaker Monday ~ Adventures in Saponification!

Making my own Soap

I finally built up to courage to try making my own soap. I have been following a great blog lately. Renee at
FIMBY has been inspiring me for a few months to step out and embrace my home-making creativity (among other areas of my life) and make some homemade soap.

Knowing that working with Lye is something one must be cautious about. I waited for a quiet moment in my house to assemble my supplies. A was at a friends house and L was playing happily in a playpen in the next room.

After reading up on the process, I now know I was nervous for nothing. It was actually an easy process.

I set the computer up on the opposite kitchen counter and played Renee's video tutorial in the background to help me focus and remember what each step was. I didn't want to ruin the first batch.

Measuring out the lye... 

...and stirring it carefully was what I felt I needed to be most careful about.

While waiting for the Lye solution to cool, I melted vegetable shortening. I didn't use any other oils in this batch I was just going for simple the first time around.

After pouring the lye into melted oils. Both liquids at about 110 degrees Fahrenheit blended to trace.

I chose my two favorite smells for this first batch. I later learned they can be irritating to some sensitive skins but since I plan to use it for Laundry and Dish soap. I think it will work out just fine.

Pouring the soap into a plastic lined shoe box to set for 24 hours before cutting.

The following day, the bars are cut and put on a rack to cure for about one month

I am going to have a hard time waiting the month that is takes to cure the bars. I love walking past the shelf they are curing on and smelling the Sweet Orange and Cinnamon wafting in the room. I won't lie it felt good to be creative and produce something for my family to use. My next soap making adventure I hope will produce some sweet smelling baby soap that is sensitive for my little boy's skin.        


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