Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Upper Montgomery County Mommies

 Do you know we have many wonderful support groups at NorthMetroDCMommies? One of them is just for moms in Upper Montgomery County!  If you live in Upper Montgomery County you can join the group to get local business reviews, talk about the local schools, find out about all the great parks, or set up meet ups with moms local to you.  The moderator, Traci (izzysmom7) sat down with me to share more information.

Can you tell us a little about the Upper Montgomery Mommies forum? The Upper Montgomery Mommies is a private forum made up of members who live in Upper Montgomery County, specifically Germantown, Damascus, Poolesville, Laytonsville, Boyds, Clarksburg, Gaithersburg and Montgomery Village areas. We have discussions about events, restaurants, parks, schools, daycare centers, stores, shopping centers, sales, activities, and basically anything going on in Upper Montgomery County.

How did you first get involved with this forum/NMDCM? I wanted to find a moms group that was more local than just Maryland and had activities and members that lived right by me as well. Another currently active member told me about NMDCM. As soon as I joined I felt very welcomed. Soon there after, since I love to plan events I became the Events Manager. I held that position for about a year and then went back to work full time and chose to step down. The position of Upper Montgomery Mommies Moderator became available and I decided to take it since I missed being part of the management team but this allowed me to do that at a more manageable level.

What do you like most about the Upper Montgomery Mommies forum? I like to check in and see what other members are up to, places they recommend to check out. I also love being the moderator because I'm able to check our list of new members and then personally welcome (via Private Messagess) those members who are from Upper Montgomery County.

Can you give an example of the support you have received from the forum? When I was looking to go back to work full time I would go to the forum to see how others rated daycare centers in Upper Montgomery County. Then when I excepted my current position I leaned on the other members in the forum for advice on daycare centers that we were looking at. I also received wonderful advice when our daughter started to have some difficulty with allergies I asked other members for advice on finding Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists as well as Allergists in our area.

Does this forum have any scheduled events coming up? Nothing directly scheduled and only posted in the forum. Many of our upcoming group wide activities will be taking place in Upper Montgomery County. I try to make sure I promote the bigger events either in the Events forum under the thread for that event or when I'm sending out welcome letters I promote our new members to join us at those events.

Do you have a favorite event from this forum? Since our forum doesn't directly plan events, I just promote the members from this forum to come to our group wide events, I will just go with my favorite events thus far since I've been a member of NMDCM and that took place in Upper Montgomery County. That event would have to be our tour at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen). It was a huge turnout, huge success, and everyone had a wonderful time!!!

Any tips for moms looking to join this forum? Since it is a private forum you do have to ask for be approved to join the forum. To do so you can click on Usergroups up top of the main forums page. Then click on the pull down and select Upper Montgomery Mommies and ask to join. I will receive an email that you are interested and then add you to the group. Or, you can PM me and I will just go in and add you to the forum. Once you have been approved and are part of the group, jump right in and start posting!!! smile

Thanks Traci!  If you're a mom in Upper Montgomery County be sure to log in today and join.  If you haven't registered yet, come join in and check out all the fun!


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