Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cheater's baked Crab Ragoon...

It's a known fact that I don't like to fry, I don't even like to cook bacon in the house because it makes the house stink. If I make bacon I make it in the oven, but I guess that's another blog. These Crab Rangoon are baked and I actually lost the original recipe but I generally just throw whatever sounds good in them. Diva likes to help in the kitchen so I let her lay out all the won ton wrappers on parchment for me.

Won ton wrappers
Softened cream cheese
Lump crab meat or even imitation
Worcestershire sauce
Sea sat
White Pepper- ground
green onion- diced, save some for garnish (optional)
Cooking spray- I use the all natural no chemical stuff

I let Diva lay the Won ton wrappers out on parchment paper. While she's doing that (she's three it takes a while, not only that she's particular, if they aren't straight she fixes them) I mix the soften creamed cheese, crab meat, Worcestershire sauce, sea salt, pepper and a little green onion if using (I didn't have any on hand) in a bowl. Mix gently so the crab stays in chunks. Set aside. Spray won ton wrappers with a LIGHT coating of cooking spray and place one wrapper cooling spray side UP into each muffin cup, divide crab mixture onto wrappers. I bake until browned at about 350 degrees.
These are not folded over, essentially the wrapper is a little cup and holds the filling.

Submitted by Katherine
{Originally published by Give Peas a Chance on October 17, 2007}


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