Sunday, October 9, 2011

National Support at Your Fingertips

What if you had a place to go that had the same great support as your local chapter, but with more specialized forums and thousands of members across the United States?

What if that place offered encouragement to mommies in specific situations, such as stay-at-home, work-at-home, and military mommies?

What if that place provided interaction in groups discussing the latest Twilight books, couponing tips, and other hot topics in today's culture?

What if you could get all that for free?

Well, wonder no longer, because it's here at The Mommies Network National Forum. With 3,000 members and growing, the National Forum offers the same great support you've come to know from your local chapter, but with a twist. It features unique forums not available on your home site, including couponing, family vacation tips (including Disney), and alternative medicine.

Looking for someone to chat with about Twilight and other vamp books? Check out our "Everything Vamps" subforum in Books, Movies, & Entertainment. Are you a stay-at-home, campus, or military mommy looking for a friend? Talk with those in your situation in one of the Our Work subforums. Do you have a child with special needs and desire interaction with other mothers who are dealing with a specific condition? We have subforums related to specific diagnoses in Our Kids With Special Needs.

Members of this free site may purchase a Premium Membership, which contains extra forums, such as Debate This and Classifieds, along with other perks.

Mommies across the country are chatting it up in these and many other groups in the National Forum. So skip the "what ifs," and join us for enhanced support on a national scale!

If you're interested in being on the ground level of the action, consider becoming a Support Coordinator or Posting Diva for the National Forum.


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