Friday, September 9, 2011

Finding Me Time

Something I’ve struggled with in my life as a mom is finding time just for me.  This isn’t the time to take to clean the house (must vacuum playroom), cook a meal (need to figure out tonight’s meal), put away laundry (3 baskets are waiting for me), or any of the other household tasks that exist (see list).  This is time for ME.  To do what I want.  I constantly remind my friends that even though we are moms we are not just Mom.  We existed as a person with interests and goals before we took up the mantle of motherhood.  And we need to continue those interests.  I feel it’s important to show my children that just because they become parents doesn’t mean their other life needs to stop.

Writing Tools
Photo Credit: Gaius Valerius Flaccus
I’ve recently enrolled in a writer’s boot camp at a local writing center.  It’s one night a week for four weeks.  I’ll be going back to one of the activities I have always loved.  We’re doing this as a trial.  If this goes well we’re going to try and get me more time to take writing classes or to work on the pieces I have started and in my head.  I find I am a much happier person if I have at least one creative outlet.  Writing, as I was once told, is good for the soul.  It helps take our inner thinking’s and puts them outside. 

gym equipment
Photo Credit: Jack Lyons
I’ve also started up at a gym.  I try to go at least two nights a week, and a time or two on the weekends.  It does take some time away from my husband and occasionally from my kids.  I think of it this way, I can either take a few hours here and there to be healthier and feel better thus extending my life.  Or I can take that time off from the enjoyment of their lives and the end of my own.  I’ve even spent some extra money on three sessions with a  personal trainer. 

It isn’t much.  But just those few steps have already made me feel better about myself and me still being Heidi-rose and not just Mom.  It makes me feel freer and able to stop worrying about all the chores and tasks and enjoy the time with my kids.  Because it reminds me that not only am I still an individual, but so are they.  And they need me to be whole so I can be wholly with them.  


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